Cropped Edge has developed a process that provides customers various ways to visually communicate their business objectives through our service offerings.

Services @ Cropped Edge

We offer digital marketing services that are available via our online system.“Tilt your curve beyond boundaries” is our tagline. Inspired by our business thinking process. Our services are easily accesseable to our clients through our communication mediums. For further information on our communication platforms simply click here or visit our contact us page.

A breakdown of our process

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Cropped Edge sets out to enable small to medium sized business, to visually and professionally represent themselves in their respective business industry. What we strive for is to compete and seek business from business and that our clients should represent themselves to their best potential in all aspects of their expertise. We will educate, execute the best strategy for our clients by providing our expertise of visual communication and digital marketing.


As much as we believe in our clients to reach their highest potential. Cropped Edgel shares the same sentiments in archiving these goals and we will achieve this by providing innovative, creative strategies by means of visual outputs, digital marketing and core business tools such as the software incorparated to operate the business. After all innovation creates endless possibilities for future trends and that is one of the key factors that will set us apart from our competitors. We intend on being one of the pioneirs in assiting the growth of the economy by means of assiting start-up to medium sized business archive their goals through our services offerings.