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    Production, Industrial and SMME Awards 2018

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Offering Quality Service To Keep You Grounded

Some Insight

It all started over 37 years ago when two of five workers from a small hydraulic company in South Africa met with a vision of opening a successful Hydraulics and Mining Supplies company within South Africa.

Their view was not limited to offer services within South Africa but to countries abroad as well.

With the economic slowdown and the slow global economic growth, it is not always easy for any emerging company to compete with established companies within the mining industry.

Hence the initiative of Mr. Nelson Manenzhe and Mr. Sam Tshehla to combine their skills and start a successful business within the mining industry gave birth to Ndoukhulu Hydraulic and Mining Supplier (Pty) Ltd in 2010.




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We offer hydraulic repairs, supply of drilling rods, mining consumables, mining cleaning detergents, supply of cylinder and pump leg covers. We offer our own drawings and sketching of cylinders as per customer’s specifications. Welding is done in-house by our team.

Environment & Safety

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A safe and healthy environment is provided for our employees by means of safety equipment and clothing to decrease the risk of serious injury at the workplace.
In consideration of our biophysical environment we strive to go eco green in future.


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Our facilities are equiped with maintained machinery and supplies to make sure an efficient, productive, precise output is reached for our clients and employees. We are situated at 22 Bessermer RD, Heriotdale, Johannesburg,
South Africa.



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In order to ensure optimal operational efficiency, We have implemented a RAAQD (Receiving Bay, Assesment Bay, Assembly Bay, Quality Assurance and Dispatch) module Operation. Precision and accuracy are all products of good planning and that is what we strive to achieve.